Software Development Law

Malcolm Burrows has advised both software developers and multinational organisations on the legal aspects of technology law contracts. Not only do our Lawyers know the law relating to software development, we understand software development itself, having run development teams maintaining large complex systems and small server side applications. 

Our legal services in this area include, for example, drafting, negotiating, settling, and litigating:

consulting agreements;
domain name disputes;
end user licence agreements (EULA);
managed services agreements;
outsourcing agreements;
software development agreements (waterfall and Agile Development methodologies);      
software license agreements for IPhone and Android;
software installation, supply, and support agreements;
software reseller agreements;
support agreements;    
terms and conditions of business;
traffic sharing agreements;
SPAM reporting and compliance;
Website terms and conditions;
Website terms and conditions of trade.


This article is general in nature and cannot be regarded as legal advice.  It is general commentary only.  You should not rely on the contents of this article without consulting a lawyers.  If you would like advice regarding how the law applies to your individual circumstances, then please contact a legal practitioners Contact Us.

Technology Law Services

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