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I used him for a partnership dispute and he sorted my situation out very well. He was honest, efficient and thorough... but then he left the firm. When he left, it became too hard, and as we were almost there, I ended up settling personally with my partner independant of lawyers.


The Purple Cows These guys, and particularly Malcolm Burrows, are thorough and genuinely care about their clients. They have earned the title of Purple Cows because they truly do stand out in the herd. Rod Hyatt Think_Next_Pty Ltd Brisbane


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Contact Malcolm Burrows e: malcolm@brisbanetechnologylawyer.com or mobile 0419 726 535.




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A licence can be a great way of exploiting the commercial value of intellectual property (IP).  Put simply...
Commercialisation is a term that is much touted about in entrepreneurial circles.  It stems from the creation of intellectual property that enables the owner to protect the work that they have put into developing the I
Domain name eligibility criteria
The organisation that administers the domain name regime in Australia is .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA).  The Commonwealth Government holds reserve powers to regulate domain name...